Open Collective
Open Collective
A Message of Gratitude
Published on November 3, 2020 by Samantha Meyer

Hello everyone,

This week we have completed our first round of funding. With the generosity and solidarity of the Austin community, we were able to redistribute a total of $1900 to provide funding to 11 of our most urgent requests. 

We received an incredible 38 requests for funding within one week. We created this fund because we saw the need for this kind of assistance in our community, however the number of requests that we received for this first round of funding exceeded our highest expectations. 

Our goal is to be a trusted resource for the Austin community. With this in mind, we are closing our request form for the next few weeks in order to focus our efforts on fundraising to fulfill the many requests we have already received. Our request form will reopen on November 17th.

In the future, our request form will be open for one week out of every month. This will allow us enough time to fundraise so that we are able to fulfill more of the requests that we receive. We appreciate your patience as we learn the best way to meet the needs of the Austin community. 

We also wanted to thank you for the overwhelming support we have received since launching our fundraising efforts a few weeks ago. Thank you to the local artists and small businesses that have donated to our auction, to everyone who donated any amount of money to our fundraising efforts, to all the mutual aid groups and community members that shared our resource and reached out with support, and to our 38 requesters. Together, we affirm that we are all deserving of survival and care. We can take care of each other. 

Much love and solidarity,

Samantha Meyer

ATX Mental Health Fund Founder