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MC Request Feb 22 has been archived.

MC Request Feb 22 has been archived and is no longer active.

MC Request Feb 22


The intended impact of this grant is to allow individuals experiencing financial hardship during the Covid-19 crisis to access mental healthcare.


Transparent and open finances.

Financial contribution to ATX Mental Health Fund

Debit from MC Request Feb 22 to ATX Mental Health Fund

Balance transfer

by McKenna Cage

-$155.00 USD
Grant #65483
Financial contribution to MC Request Feb 22

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Contribution #522539
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--.-- USD

Total raised

$155.51 USD

Total disbursed

$155.51 USD

Estimated annual budget

$155.51 USD



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Final Update

Grant recipient has complied with the terms of the Grant Agreement. The first and last expense is what was necessary for the grant recipient to access mental healthcare. We will be moving any excess funds from this project back to the gener...
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Published on April 1, 2022 by Francisco Dominguez