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Eviction Defense & Rent Support Team
Published on June 29, 2020 by Vanessa Raditz

Housing Justice Support Needed!

At our weekly AMAN meeting yesterday, we counted that we have been contact about rent from OVER 40 FAMILIES. This is an overwhelming amount of need right now, and we recognize that at this point, we will no longer be able to promise rent support for all of these families. The GA eviction moratorium expired on June 14th, meaning that landlords have now had a couple weeks to submit eviction paperwork. While COVID-19 cases continue to rise, we can expect eviction cases to also start rising among folks who have been hard-hit by the economic shut-downs and medical expenses of this pandemic.

BUT- while we can't cover everyone's rent, we can still offer them solidarity, support, and defense in this unjust situation.

We are seeking folks who are passionate about housing justice to join an Eviction Defense & Rent Support team to support the AMAN hotline, provide legal information to folks facing eviction, and organize our local community to support folks staying in their homes.

We need a robust team that can:

- liaise with the GA Legal Aid, Athens Land Trust, and Housing Justice League for tenant rights and eviction defense legal resources

- liaise with AMAN and the Ark to support folks with rent payments when we can (especially folks who are ineligible for other local rent-support services)

- liaise with other local housing agencies,

- directly support neighbors facing eviction in the ways they self-determine they need (this might look like a public pressure campaign on the county or state, or rapid response to an eviction, or helping neighbors pack and move), and

- recruit others in our community to offer what they can to these efforts.

You can join the team by emailing (it's not gmail! its mail!) or contacting us through this volunteer description on

Thank you for stepping up to offer what you can. We take care of us.