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Arron Kennedy

Meetup organiser of the Perth Free Code Camp Group . Have a passion for all things future, finance and tech!



I have been actively learning to code now for a bit over a year but having been aiming for daily improvements in 2018. Since early 2018 I have committed to the #100daysofcode Challenge:

The key aspects of this challenge are to update my log and tweet my progress on Twitter daily as well as spend at least an hour a day improving my skills in this field. The journey was pretty lonely and I always find I work better with groups so I added some extra criteria to my challenge to connect with others, attend meetups and try and help people as my skills developed. This lead to starting the monthly Freecodecamp meetups in June 2018 as well as attending various other local meetup groups such as the Perth Machine Learning Group.

Most of my work from my journey so far can be found in my github repos

My goals with the Perth Free Code Camp Collective are to continue to build an active coding community in the northern suburbs of Perth where people of all skill levels can feel welcome to discuss their projects or collaborate on projects together.