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Open Collective
Thanks, AnkiDroid 2.14.4 ready, and a look to the future
Published on March 8, 2021 by Mike Hardy

Hello AnkiDroid Backers!

We all get enough notifications etc so I will keep this short.

  1. Thank you! Seriously, thank you! It's hard to find time to contribute to open source projects as business and paying work starts up again in these COVID-times, but your donations allow the contributors here to give AnkiDroid priority, which means your favorite flashcard app will keep moving forward. It's a big deal. Thank you!
  2. 2.14.4 is releasing today and Android 11 users can crop now! Forward ports to handle new versions are one of the main things we do, by the way.
  3. 2.15 is coming soon. It's very exciting for us. Why? We will be sharing the underlying code between Anki Desktop and AnkiDroid directly for the first time ever. It was a port before, and hard for us to maintain. Your donations funded work by David Allison to get the new back-end library from Anki Desktop working under AnkiDroid and it's a really big deal. It should fix some of the last few incompatibilities we have between AnkiDroid and Anki Desktop.

There are always more things to say but I said I'd keep it short.

If you're curious what we are up to, you can always see by looking at the pulse:

Thanks for your support, and happy reviewing!