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AnkiDroid was selected for Google Summer of Code. We already see a great impact
Published on April 1, 2021 by Arthur Milchior

Thank you so much for all the donations. They’re going directly to the people writing the app, and this month has been especially busy! AnkiDroid was chosen to participate in Google Summer of Code 2021 and your donations are supporting the maintainers and the 13 new contributors who have joined in the last two weeks :-)

In Google Summer of Code, Google will pay one or two students to work 175 hours on AnkiDroid during this summer. 
We’ve helped multiple developers discover Android and introduced them to free software development, and we're excited to get the opportunity to do it with a student who will have dedicated time to work with us. Even if we slightly fear the task of selecting one or two people out of the 180+ people who communicated their interest.

An unexpected side effect is that, simply by being listed on Google's blogpost on the 9th March, many students discovered our community and started contributing. At the time of writing, those 13 new contributors have created 55 accepted pull requests. Some features will be easy to notice, such as ensuring that AnkiDroid’s style is applied to menu buttons, the login page and changelog and adding a Right-to-Left interface. Some other changes add performance (e.g. when a deck moves to random order). Plenty of other changes are still in progress, such as changing the default answers on time out, updating translations more regularly (a surprisingly hard problem to solve), exporting to CSV, exporting cards selected in the browser.

The previous maintainers are still working hard, we’re acting as a force multiplier for the new contributors: onboarding, helping them find tasks to do, documenting processes, answering questions, and deciding how to select the student(s) we will mentor. 

Thanks again, your donations are empowering us to spend more time making AnkiDroid better for everybody.

The AnkiDroid team

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Andrew Lyman-Buttler

Posted on April 1, 2021

That's fantastic--great work everyone & thanks for what you do!
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Angus Whiston

Posted on April 1, 2021

Great work guys
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Daniel Michalski

Posted on April 1, 2021

Awesome! Keep up the great work!
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