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AndroidIDE is an IDE for developing real Android applications on Android devices.


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AndroidIDE is an Integrated Development Environment for developing real Android applications on Android devices. It comes with full support for the Gradle build system, Kotlin build support, Java/XML completions, and much more.

Features :

Gradle build system : Stay UP-TO-DATE and choose the latest Gradle distributions to build your project.

Android Studio projects : As the IDE provides support for Gradle builds, you can build Android Studio projects on your device without any issues. However, older projects may need some modifications first.

Kotlin : It is also possible to build Kotlin-based Android projects in AndroidIDE. However, currently there are no code completions for Kotlin language. But it is planned to be added in future.

Java code completions : Advanced code completions for Java sources (context completions, type inference, etc) with support for code actions, real-time diagnostics and much more. The completions are powered by our own port of the Java compiler (javac) for Android (based on nb-javac).

XML code completions : Advanced code completions for XML sources (tags, attributes, attribute values, etc) with support for providing completions for dependency attributes.

Terminal : AndroidIDE has a terminal with necessary packages ready to be installed. Some of the included packages are :
  • git, subversion
  • python
  • nodejs
  • clang, lldb
  • make, automake
  • vim, nano
  • and much more...

The packages are based on termux-packages. We do not provide support for all packages, just the necessary ones.

AndroidIDE is fully open-source. All AndroidIDE related projects are available on GitHub.