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Amit Gupta

Software developer with 9 years enterprise level experience. Now working independently on some opensource projects and research



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I'm a software developer by profession and coding makes me relaxed. I'm more interested to make open source free to use projects so that small rising companies don't bother to pay high fees for licensing. I'm a research enthusiast and focuses on the performance and usability of any program or product. I love solving real-life problems using programming in such a way that people have less dependency on computer / electronic devices (sounds weird … I know).

Fast XML parser is one of the open source projects which was initially developed to support my another project Stubmatic(to mock HTTP calls). I'm working on and maintaining many other open source projects like, BigBig standard, Nimn, Shabdawali, Vaarta, Anumargak and so many.

I've left the job in 2017 to relax my hungry mind. :)