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I currently serve as the Partnership Manager with The Prosperity Agenda. I have the honor and privilege to coach human service professionals through an incredible learning journey as well as focusing on the partner experience and Training Team Operations. 

I’ve had an over 15 year journey in the nonprofit sector. I've worked on access to education programming, youth programs, community based programing supporting residents with their healthcare access and coverage related issues, leading department wide culture improvement, department trainings as well as retention efforts. My advocacy, management roles, training, and team building/connecting experience motivated me to transition from nonprofit manager to consultant; supporting nonprofit and social service organizations in optimizing personal and organizational success through compassionate, authentic, and transformative coaching. 

As a Sagittarius, I am literally the cheerleader of the zodiac and I play the role well. People are my passion! More specifically, supporting people problem solve, unlock the power within them, reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. As a coach I’m not only a cheerleader but also a challenger and compassionate companion. I’ve been a coach for many years, even without having the language or knowledge to know that’s what I was doing. It’s been my approach to serve participants, team members, through management and even in my personal life. What I know for sure, is that coaching has been and is a continuous practice. It’s an introspective journey…it’s an opportunity for growth and shifts and is a deeply personal journey for me. I am always excited to chat about all things coaching, and I’m beyond grateful to partner with folks who are committed to transformative work.

I’m a queer, self-love, glitter, lipstick, sunglasses and hoop earring enthusiast. Karaoke is always my go to, whether it's out at a bar or in my living room. I am a native of Oakland, California, I survived and thrived in New York City for nearly 8 years, I lived & partied in New Orleans two different times in my life in college & adulthood and I am a new resident of Atlanta, Georgia.