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Newsletter March 2021
Published on April 3, 2021 by Leen Schelfhout

Dear collectives!

What an active year 2021 has been so far! ☀️ We sense a lot of activity in the collectives, amazing to follow what you are all working on! 

First of all, note the date of the next general assembly in your calendar: 
⏰ Tuesday 27/04 - 20:00-21:00  (Brussels CEST).  🎉  With breakout groups such as ‘In the Vegan Jungle’ and ‘Funky Disco Club’ you can absolutely not miss this edition.🎊 It is essential zoom partying to build up your network all over Europe. Doors open at 19:15 for (new) collectives with questions on fiscal hosting, open collective or with feedback. (Join Zoom Meeting

🏄🏾‍♂️ We have welcomed quite a few new collectives in 2021: SolidNetwork (building an economy based on cooperation and solidarity) in Ireland, Camp Collapse (exploring future possibilities, e.g. in tech games on climate topics) in Berlin, Climaxino (social justice movement) and Rede Para o Decrescimonto (community practising degrowth) in Portugal. 

💸💵 A lot of collectives did a great job raising money in the past 3 months. SolidNetworkmanaged to raise 1350 euros in only two months (over 30 backers) and the World Water Day Crowdfunder event raised over 6000 euros (76 backers) in a matter of weeks.  XR Réunion could count on financial support of 35 backers and XR Belgium had 82 generous donors since January 2021. So great to see more and more backers supporting the collectives. 
Do not hesitate to reach out if you need help on fundraising or storytelling! 

In the meantime the AllForClimate collective hasn’t been relaxing neither 😀⚡️

Some updates:
  • 🤞🏽🤞🏽Under amazing coordination of the ActionAid Italy team and with help of XR Belgium, XR Global Support, Youth for Climate and All For Climate managed to finalise an application for a Horizon 2020 project, funded by the European Commission. The project design focuses on citizen participation, youth participation in particular, and climate action, with a team of researchers from different European universities and several climate movements. We all keep our fingers crossed and we are waiting for good news to come in. Reach out if you need help applying to some funding opportunities. 
  • 🌍 We have a brand new website! We hope this website will close the gap between collectives and foundations and to build up more trust. Foundations have the money, but the energy is within you, the collectives. It is our goal to bring you closer together. All feedback is welcome!! ✍🏽 Thank you Cherrypulp for your great work on this!
  • 👉🏼👉🏼 We are looking for an intern to help us out with managing the social media pages. We are dreaming of an instagram account, and the facebook page could also use some more activity. More information here. Spread the word! 🙏🏽
What’s to come in April and May?
  • A legal contract to define the juridical relationship between the collectives and AllForClimate. We had a lot of help from skilled lawyers to get us through this. More news will follow asap. Here is the latest draft, soon to be finalised. Don’t hesitate to provide us some feedback via comments.
  • A training on online facilitation. How to facilitate online meetings that are efficient and connect people at the same time? 
Please reach out to us. We love receiving pictures of your activities. Feel free to post them here, or on the facebook page

Thanks for all the good work! 
Wish you all a very sunny Easter weekend or a great spring holiday!! ☀️🐣 🌱

the AllForClimate team