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Procurement of Night Vision Devices, Binoculars and Radios

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Dear Friends, yes it is my campaign and I created it. Please check out the Project "Eyes and Ears for Air Defense" for more details and read below my testimonial to YOU - MY FRIENDS!

My dear Friends,

never in my life I received so much support in such short period of time. It all came with open generous hearts and in many possible ways such as, prayers, encouragement, offers to help, financial and moral support. From the bottom of heart I love you all and indescribably appreciative of having you as my friend, and you getting my back in uneasy war time. To be honest, I wish these circumstances never happened but can't stop history in making.

Unfortunately, there's nothing new on the Front... Ukrainian cities being attacked and civilians killed daily. My hometown Kharkiv is demolished, lots of historic buildings ruined. During WW2 it was destroyed by 90%... but historic buildings were spared by German bombing, on purpose. Not this time, this time every sight and jewel of pride, sovereignty, history of 368 years, independence is being destroyed purposefully just because Kharkiv's majorly russian-speaking population didn't welcome and flipped off the "russian world". That's the price... the price of freedom. Freedom from the most terroristic state past 1945. Each must do the absolute maximum to stop this terrorist state and destroy it existential base (military and economy)... otherwise it will spread like pest and destroy more lives, families, homes, factories, infrastructure, and everything, that stands for Good. Evil is real, believe me, take it seriously. Today it's Ukraine... tomorrow it will be something else. If we don't stop it collectively... there's nothing to look forward too.

I will continue to execute on my duties, be it helping my relatives, taking care of my mom, or volunteering and helping Ukrainian Nation to win the war. Ukraine represents LITERALLY EVERYTHING DEAR TO THE "FREE WORLD" - we don't speak it, WE LIVE IT! Running away from Evil was never a solution, you can only Fight and Win over it. As civilian, I got through 10 days of active hot war (not much but enough to understand it). Whatever comes next, I believe in God, Faith and Destiny. That said, I want to ask you one favor. Live your Life today, here and now! Don't put away your dreams, wishes, errands, anything in long prospect. Do it now, you never know what happens tomorrow.

Soviet saying said: "don't have 100 rubles, but have 100 friends". Today, I am blessed to have 100 friends!

You all dear to me and my war-broken heart! Stay strong, live your life to the fullest and PLEASE HELP TO FIGHT EVIL AND DEFEND UKRAINE!

Love you all!

Have Always Peaceful Skies Over The Head!

Yours, Forever Ukrainian

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