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Abishek V Ashok

Some people may know the good hackers, but no one knows the best hackers. Full Stack developer. GCI Grand Prize Winner 2017-18



Imagine yourself as a three year old shown a device with a big white screen and a device with alphabets scattered in random order. Bewildering isn't it? You are not alone. My first reaction was also the same wheny uncle first made me play games in his computer. The cursor, tux paint, and car racing in it struck me so hard that I clicked everywhere to see how things worked.

Fast forward 15 more years and I still continue on my journey of knowing more about technology. It fascinates me so hard that I have spent time reading up and constantly connecting with new information.

Over time as I grew up, my philosophies took shape, and I openly embraced the idea that information and knowledge should be openly accessible to all. That's how I hooked on to Free and Open Source Software.

After spending 3 hard years in the field, I now maintain pretty much awesome projects like Cmatrix and rep-counter.

As you know, open source software I free and the developers can rarely make their living in such a sphere without sponsorships. It leaves us in a tough situation to spend time on open source projects but the love for opensource is still driving me on

By making a donation, you can help me devote more of my time to develop open source software and help newcomers and build up a nice community of great developers.